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Disclosed is a hair clipper with a moveable guard. The guard is moveably coupled to a clipper body of the hair clipper, such that the distance between the guard and a set of blades is adjustable. The distance between the guard and the set of blades determines how close the set of blades gets to the skull, which determines how short the hair is cut. The distance between the guard and the set of blades on the disclosed hair clipper is adjustable using control buttons on the clipper body. Activating one of the control buttons moves the guard a specific distance from the set of blades. This allows the user of the hair clipper to adjust the distance between the guard and the set of blades by pressing a control button, instead of by removing and replacing guards on the clipper.

Financial information

This particular patent pertains to the Hair & Hair Clipper Industry. The hair industry is an $80 billion global juggernaut, that generates over $20 billion alone in the United States. If the right company or organization were to get their hands on this patent, and utilize it correctly, it will be worth a very substancial amount of money. I am currently working on a Licensing deal with this patent. If the licensing process wraps up before this patent gets auctioned, i will remove it and proceed to do my own venture. So the time is limited on this offer. The price is firm because there is real value here.

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