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Shoe insole absorb moisture.

[Category : - Footwear- HEALTH]
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Universal Shoe insole used in all weather conditions.
The proposed utility model relates to the footwear industry, namely, Shoe insoles, moisture-wicking.
The technical result consists in improving the absorption footbed moisture retention and prevent odor due to internal layer of absorbing material, the upper, lower and distribution layers. Moreover, the absorbent layer consists of cellulose and
bi-component fibers, formed aerodynamic method with the addition of superabsorbent material (SAP). And the top, bottom and junction layers are made of non-woven materials ", thermobond", "spunbond" and polypropylene and polyester staple fibers.

Financial information

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The global market for materials that make up the Shoe, moisture-wicking insoles are very large. Of these materials make many other products. Manufacturers that make their products from the same material as Shoe insoles absorb moisture may be interested in this product, and they may want to produce absorbent Shoe insoles. World market the implementation of these Shoe insoles are varied. Shoe insoles are sold in supermarketach, shops, pharmacies. Shoe insoles can be sold to airlines, hotels, the buyout will offer them as services

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