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Caseless ammunition with thrust ring.

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Caseless ammunition with thrust ring.
The invention relates to the field of munitions, namely small arms ammunition.
Known US patent 003616752, it is attached to the skirt bullet or sleeve to prevent obturation of powder gases. Also known patent caseless ammunition for firearms (RU 2170908), where on the body caseless ammunition belts fastened easily from -deformiruemogo material, preventing heat ammunition from the chamber walls.
The essence of the utility model
The utility model is a bullet that has a skirt exceeding the diameter of the bullet. From the bottom to the pool is secured propellant having burns on the end of the thrust ring. The gap between the projectile body and the walls of the chamber prevents heating of the charge from the walls and accordingly autoignition.
Implementation of the utility model
When a cartridge into the chamber airbag formed between the sword and the wall of the chamber skirt and thrust ring, protects it from the ignition. Also, reliable fixation in the chamber provided by the skirt and ring protects the powder checker from accidental contact with the walls of the chamber and, consequently, fire.

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