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Verticalness indicating apparatus for use with archery sights

[Category : - Fishing and hunting]
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The "verticalness indicator" uses a pendulum to color the light entering the aiming pins of a scope or sight so the user is aware of the axial angle of the device based on the color of the light. Its primary application is to replace the inferior bubble level on a crossbow scope.

The problem with the bubble level is that the shooter has to look away from the scope after he/she lines up the shot to check the bubble level, then return to looking at the scope unable to gauge the bubble level. This is timely and reduces accuracy. The "verticalness indicator" uses the color of the sight pins to indicate angle so the user only needs to look into the scope, line up a shot, and fire. This cuts the time it takes to line up a shot in half and increases accuracy dramatically.

Financial information

We place such faith in our invention that we prefer a license agreement where we receive 3-10% of the sales income. We are willing to negotiate on outright sale or other forms of licensing.

This invention has the potential to revolutionize crossbow scopes by obsoleting the bubble level and has many other applications in spatial user feedback.

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