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Vessel navigation and docking system and method

[Category : - Navigation and orientation]
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A system configured to auto pilot and dock automatically a vessel 108, the system comprising one or more distance detectors 106 and at least one extendable arm 104. The arm includes attachment means 112 and means for receiving an electricity supply located at a far end thereof. The system further includes a control system 102 configured to activate the arm 104 and attachment means 112 to link with a dockside 110. In use, when the attachment means is linking the vessel to the dockside or another vessel, the electricity supply receiving means receives electricity from a supply located on the dockside or the other vessel. The present invention provides a method and system for auto piloting and docking automatically a vessel 108. This invention enhances safety and enjoyment in open seas, rivers, channels, harbours, marinas and the like for vessel operators and for others.

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