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[Category : - HEALTH- Bathroom]
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This solution is suitable for any bathroom environment and will enhance your comfort and the hygiene of your bathroom. It is a revolutionary system that avoids the diffusion of toilet odours in the surrounding area because it blocks them right at source.rnIt is the answer to a big problem: the problem of bad odours emanating while and after using the WC, and it benefits both the user and those entering the room afterwards.
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Here the abstract of the patent:
A system includes a water and/or air inlet, connectable to a water supply pipe for a sanitary apparatus. An outlet connects to a sewage outlet pipe downstream of the sanitary apparatus. The inlet leads from a suction box, which starts the outlet. A motorized ventilation device conveys air from the inlet to the outlet. A siphon is at least partially filled with water from the water supply device. The ventilation device and the siphon are mutually in series between the inlet and the outlet. The suction box includes a further siphon, connected between the supply pipe and the outlet pipe and is arranged in parallel with respect to the siphon and the device. The further siphon is at least partially filled with water.

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