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[Category : - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- Automotive Accessories ]
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A combination of internal and external air channels in a car to generate lateral aerodynamic forces to allow higher cornering speeds.

During cornering, lateral forces are generated that must be taken by the tires. This limits the maximal cornering speed.
To overcome this, cars can for example apply down force, pushing the car onto the ground. This increases the grip and thus the cornering speed but at the cost of increased friction and increased loads on components (chassis, suspension, tires).

The invention can generate lateral aerodynamic forces by creating asymmetric airflow patterns in and around the car. This increases the maximum cornering speed without increasing loads on the components of the car. Safety is also increased as it reduces the dependency on the friction coefficient between the and the road.

Financial information

We are looking to sell this patent.

It has received a positive search report and has now been translated into a German and UK application.

The patent has been referred to by Ferrari, who are looking at comparable technologies.

The patent claim is broad, allowing for multiple versions of application in an actual car. The performance has been validated in 2 separate airflow simulation packages: cornering speeds can be increased by 2 to 5 km/h in high speed corners.

An example of a car design has been executed:
This design has been registered.

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