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Toilet seat cleaning system

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New invention the one and the only state of the art retro-fit self-clean toilet seat in the world, the lid with shower and air dryer and seat warmer.
This toilet seat is the only self-clean toilet seat in the world can be made and sell as a toilet set or it can be made with, specially designed toilet bowl and cistern. It is easy to assemble, practical and looks good. but also gives confidence for the users who have concern about the possible transmission of real or imaginary diseases. I see this being used domestically, pubs, hospitals, restaurants, stadiums, public-toilets, long-distance transport, etc.

I also have request for this toilet seat from high profile Egyptian sanitary officials.

I believe the future of the self-clean toilet seat is to revolutionize the water closet forever.

This is How I come up with this Idea

Like a majority of the world population I have a concern about the toilet set cleanliness, before I use I cover the toilet set with a lots of toilet paper to prevent for possible transmission of diseases.
To tackle this problem, I was looking in to the marketplace to buy simple self-clean toilet set but there is noting. most of self clean toilet in the market is over engineered and not practical, to buy you have to buy the whole toilet (with toilet bowl and cistern). That is why I come up with a simple retro-fit self clean toilet seat.

The self-clean toilet seat system is, operated as follows.
To clean the toilet seat, when the lid is closed the chain on the lid lever pull the seat in to the cleaning position as the step formation on the lower edge of the outer rim of the lid engages with the upper edge of the outer upwardly extending rim of the fluid receptacle so as to provide a generally fluid-tight seal between the fluid receptacle and the lid as shown on my patent application Abstract

The water and air control box is then operated so that cleaning fluid conduit and dispensed through the cleaning fluid holes onto the underlying seat. The cleaning fluid covers the seat and drains into the fluid receptacle. in view of fact that both the seat and the fluid receptacle taper outwardly as they extend rearwardly, rearward motion of the seat to the cleaning position has the effect that the fluid receptacle projects horizontally outwardly of the seat substantially all around the seat so that the fluid receptacle can receive fluid draining from the outer edge of the seat. Cleaning fluid draining from the inner edge of the annular seat will drain either directly into the bowl of the toilet or will drain into the fluid collection tray portion of the fluid receptacle. It will be noted from picture 2 that the central opening in the seat is no longer in line with the inner upwardly extending rim of the fluid receptacle. Cleaning fluid, which drains in to the fluid receptacle contact the anti-microbial and/or flower shaped deodorant blocks so that a small amount of the active compound of these blocks is dissolved and serves to deodorize and/or disinfect the fluid receptacle. All of the fluid eventually drains from the fluid receptacle through the fluid drainage holes into the bowl of the toilet.
While the lid is still closed and the seat is still in the cleaning position, the control box is automatically activated so as to direct air (either hot or cold) through the air supply pipe and the air holes from the lid onto the seat. This serves to dry the seat and the fluid receptacle also it can used as toilet seat warmer.
The seat now been cleaned and is ready for use. When the lid is opened, the seat will move back to the seating position, under the action of the springs, build inside.
The control box can be operated using the control buttons to activate the flow of air and fluids.
The control box can optionally include a compartment containing detergent or antiseptic. In use, the detergent or antiseptic is mixed with the fluid and exit the control box via the fluid supply pipe.
The control box maybe can supply steam to clean the seat.

The attached pictures shows the picture of self-clean toilet seat prototype I made at home, from wood and clear polystyrene sheet.

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