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Minion is for all electricity consumers across the world to help reduce their power costs at an affordable price point using "user friendly" products & analysis. rnrnAs there are many IOT Smart Energy Devices in the market that ensures energy efficiency and cost saving but it makes monthly electric bills doubling or tripling every month, with no increase in energy usage. rnrnWe had carefully read solutions of all existing smart meters across the world and identified the perfect use case which ensures 100% energy efficiency and cost saving to the electricity consumers rnrnMinion is a single device (size: 39x49 Millimeter - World's smallest pocket energy auditor) with Wi-Fi,LORA,3G,4G,5G Connectivity which will fit inside the breaker panel (next to utility meter like addon) with single sensor clamp connection after the utility meter. rnrnThis Minion will perform appliance/device/tool/equipment wise real-time energy analytics. It will also perform Predictive analytics & maintenance of assets (Hospital, Industrial, Manufacturing/factories, Hospitality, Retail) which rescues the high cost assets from breakdown and also lowers the insurance costs. It schedules maintenance which will ensure and extend the life-time of assets beyond insurance time. rnrnOur Minion is also Solar friendly/compatible. It has the ability to measure generation and consumption readings (acts as net meter) and performs real time & predictive analytics. rnrnAll the analytics are done on the cloud and enable users to experience the results through our SaaS - Windows application, Android & IoS Apps. rnrnOur Minion provides three steps for ensuring 100% energy efficiency and cost saving rnrn1. Realtime analytics - Let's user know what is he/she spending for at appliance level at any sectors (Residential, Hospitality, Hospitals, Industrial and more) rnrn2. Predictive analytics - Reduces surprises in energy bills and User's can easily predict the energy usage and bills and schedule accordingly. This would be very useful for sectors running high cost assets which will prevent from breakdown and increase the efficiency of the assets. rn3. Operating System (OS) - The predictive analytics with data and sensors leads to Operating system which ensures 100% of efficiency & cost saving. Without the help of human interfering, Our OS will perform automation inside buildings. rnrnSmall Demo of the poc can be seen here: rnrnLink rnrnThe above demo was just taken inside the room with single bulb, but actual working of this product is measure the whole building data. rnrnBUSINESS MODEL: rnOur Targeted Markets are Hospital, Retail, Hospitality, Residential community, Industrial Manufacturing & Factory. rnrnMinion will largely focus on B2B and thereafter on B2C markets. rnrnOur product revenue: rnrnOur product price for customers is Rs. 4999/- INR, that is $67.88 - A onetime product purchase fee. rnrnOur SaaS revenue: rnrnOur Automatic SaaS subscription per year is Rs. 1000/- INR, that is $14.73 US dollars - A recurring revenue from customers (Analytics would be performed by the SaaS) rnrnOur Manual SaaS subscription per year is Rs. 2500/- INR, that is $29.47 US dollars - A recurring revenue from customers (Analytics would be further analysed by our engineers and a detailed report is submitted to the customers) rnrnAnd there will be other forms of revenues in services and more.

Financial information

I have made a Business Model on selling/licensing my POC (Minion) ownership which has a strong Business Use-case with proven Technology in the forms of several National Awards.

So I'm disclosing the models here,

Model 1:

I will sell the POC for an upfront Lumpsum amount ($73578.16 ) to you without any royalties & bonuses. Once the deal is finished, I'll withdraw my patent, and the buyer can apply for a fresh patent on the same. The Legal & IP fees have to be covered by the company.
The Inventor will be available for Technical Advice & Consultancy.

Model 2:

I will sell the POC for an upfront Lumpsum amount ($15000 ) to you with a Running Sales Royalty of 8%. Irrelevant on sales, the company has to give a minimum royalty of 4%. When the company achieves certain sales target, A bonus has to be given.
Future Improvement/Modification on a product based on my concept will also be held under the agreement, a continued royalty has to be given. The Legal & IP fees have to be covered by the company. The Agreement term can be Minimum of 1 year to 3 years.
The Inventor will be available for Technical Advice & Consultancy in that period.

These two models can be Negotiable if interested to proceed further.

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