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The Future of Trucking Safety

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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Many large trucks, 18 wheelers specifically, are out on the road every single day transporting goods over long distances, often spending a considerable amount of days on the road. Owing to their size and the traffic space they occupy, the drivers of these trucks have to exercise an abundance of caution; however, oftentimes the drivers around them are not aware of when a truck intends to turn or change lanes, as the rear lights afforded on 18 wheelers are difficult to see as they are small in comparison to the vehicle and are located at the bottom rear.

Ingenious and practical, 18 + LED (whereas the + symbolizes the Christian cross) is comprised of large turn signals designed for quick attachment to the rear doors of transportation trucks. Clearly visible under any driving condition, these innovative signals consists of two figures, one for the left and one for the right, shaped similarly to the recognized math greater-than symbol, “” with each having a magnetic backing. The arrows are adjustable to emphasize direction, and each signal incorporates bright LED lights that can either blink or move towards the center point, showing the direction that the truck intends to turn. The attachable blinkers can be wired or wireless depending on the model and accompanying technology featured in a wheeler but ultimately will be responsive to the turn signal beside the steering wheel or the alternative option of Radio or Smartphone control. 18 + LED may prove to be an ideal product for 18 wheeler accessory manufacturers and other mass vehicles, as there is a direct market for respective retailers, drivers and trucking companies, in addition to, the potential for expansion to boats and/or airplane utilization.

18 + LED is the only product of its kind that features durable and waterproof large-scale bright LED lights which can not only be placed high enough on the vehicle so that drivers simultaneously on the road may see them clearly, but are also magnetic, and therefore entirely mobile if the driver needs to move them for any reason. 18 + LED lights are uniquely designed to be controlled either via Bluetooth™/Android™/Apple™ smartphone application and are capable of acting as hazard lights in order to replace the standard cones or plastic triangles presently being used, thereby offering a much more visible signal.

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