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[Category : - SOFTWARES]
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PROBLEM SOLVED: Places of interest, such as amusement parks, museums, convention centers, zoos, campuses, theaters, clubs, concert halls, performing arts centers, hospitals, retail stores, and shopping malls, often host attractions or talent that draw an audience. A talent or attraction that has widespread popularity, such as, for example, well-known or popular artists, performers, exhibits, restaurants, shops, products, services, productions, shows, and rides, can generate a predictable return on investment for venue operators. An operator that fills its venue with lesser-known attractions or talent may face greater risk of audience indifference and financial failure. The relative scarcity of attractions and talent with widespread popularity may cause venue operators to take a risk on an unproven item. Existing techniques for matching venues with attractions and/or talent suffer from various drawbacks. This technology helps address that issue and has wide application.

HOW IT"S SOLVED: Certain embodiments disclosed herein provide devices, systems, and methods of using location-based virtual audience feedback to estimate interest in an attraction at one or more venues. Certain embodiments provide devices, systems, and methods of using location-based virtual audience feedback and/or other audience data to estimate interest in a plurality of attractions or other items of interest at a particular venue.

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