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[Category : - Telecommunications]
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We offer the patent for an invention for sale: № US 9,065,890 B2 Wrist-worn mobile phone. The use of invention allows to put a wristwatch to an ear without taking it off during the conversation.

A wrist-worn mobile telephone is comprised of a body with a microphone and a speaker attached to a wristband and adapted to be movable around and along the wrist. The wristband can be resiliently stretchable and multi-sectional. The wristband can be made with a groove, and a holding clip attached to the body can be inserted into the groove. Alternatively, the phone can be made with a through slot to let the wristband be fed through the slot. In this version, an inner side of the body contacting the wrist can be shaped concave, and the through slot can be longitudinally shaped to generally follow the shape of the inner side, which can be made coarse.

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$ 100000

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