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A highly efficient (50-90%) but economical heat exchanger device such as may be installed under a shower tray/basin for recovering heat from shower waste water, to preheat the fresh water supplying the shower or its water heating facility. It includes a casing base and lid forming an enclosure containing a first fluid conduit and a second fluid conduit, the second conduit being for fresh water supply and located in the first conduit, the second conduit having conduit sections in a serpentine path through the first conduit, the first and second conduits being arranged generally for counter-flow heat exchange with the second conduit having elongate sections configured generally transverse to a flow direction through the first conduit, the first conduit having baffles at an inlet and an outlet thereof for keeping the second conduit submerged in the first conduit, the device being provided with a foot or bodyweight operated actuation valve for actuating fresh water supply through the first conduit.

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