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Wifeedo Pet Project

[Category : - PET PRODUCTS]
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The Wifeedo comes as a new and innovative idea to help the development and management of our domestic animals. It is an automatic dispenser that uses the WiFi remote and you need to optimize time and resources of the food they eat our small and large fellow adventurers. Dogs and cats in addition to occupy a seat on the chair in our house, are part of our family, they are integral. The statistics speak for themselves, nowadays one in three pet owners.
No need to worry if you've had an unexpected, if your boss keeps you at work or if you have an appointment with the person of your dreams. Your dear friend home will have all the care, affection and above all the dosed food and necessary with a simple click of cellullare. And if you have multiple pets, you can monitor with a sensor on the collar which of your dogs and cats eat more and what they are allergic. A definitely innovative invention, but very useful.
We are willing to give up the copyrights, but we are also willing to be the first to pay royalties in order to continue with the production. For business plans, commercial Report and other documents please contact me at the following email: [Use the button below to contact me]

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