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A scooter enables people with disability to “walk” everywhere

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PATENTED SCOOTER IMPROVES PEOPLES’ LIVESrnrnStanding only, slow moving “PrideR™” enables people with mobility difficulties to ”walk” again, everywhere see video and site: .

PrideR scooter is a revolutionary lightweight electric scooter, especially for people with limited mobility. It brings new hope to millions with medical conditions that prevent them from distance walking to move around or travel. The slow moving, 3-wheel scooter, can also be used for other purposes such as security and leisure. rnrnPeople with mobility difficulties will most benefit from the PrideR™. It gives those being able to stand and operate a scooter, the gift of pride to
“Stand ‘N ‘Walk’ ProudlyTM. “
The PrideR is allowed anywhere, at airports, in airplanes, public places and everywhere.rnrnIt is the world’s only scooter with a patented Quick-Attachment Mechanism, enabling people to get out of the home and to have a life. The PrideR™ consists of two removable 18-pound parts, which makes it a magical innovation. “No other scooter can be assembled and disassembled as easily and quickly”. The disassembly in seconds is due to its innovative structure and unique design.rnrnPrideR LLC found that people who have trouble walking feel self-conscious using wheelchairs. Now they have a new possibility to “walk” anywhere. Among those are millions with respective medical problems, including many of 1.2 Million who undergo Knee and Hip replacements every year.

The PrideR™ is an ultra-nimble, ultra-portable scooter, which provides transportation to people in many industries such as commercial, governmental, tourism and security. It is a safer and more compact alternative to fast moving scooters such as the SegWay.
The quick assembly – disassembly into two parts in seconds makes it easier to load it onto cars, airplanes, busses, or travel anywhere. Its low-cost design makes it affordable to all, especially the elderly. The PrideR™ is easily driven indoors, such as homes and other narrow or crowded places. It can also be used in places the Segway and other scooters are not allowed. (E.g. Segway: Walt Disney’s premises).
PROBLEM People can’t load current scooters into car trunks or travel with. All are made of one heavy bulky part. Some use disallowed lead-acid batteries, and / or require vehicle carrier. All scooters are fast, disallowed in most public places & airlines, thus making travels with much needed scooters impossible.

SOLUTION A standing only, slow moving, 3-wheel, 2-part, an ultra-nimble, ultra-portable electric scooter. It resolves all known problems. It can be disassembled and loaded into a trunk in seven (7) seconds, and is allowed anywhere, including in airplanes and all public places. In compliance with TSA and airlines regulations.
ADVANTAGESStanding only, slow moving, two lightweight parts, easy to carry and use.rnAssembled - disassembled in seconds; easy to load into car trunk.rnUsers do not need to purchase a vehicle carrier. rnIt gives people who feel self-conscious to use wheelchairs a gift of life. Now they can “Stand ‘N ‘Walk’ ProudlyTM.” rnExcellent for all purposes: Personal, Commercial, Industrial and Security.rnAllowed everywhere for being slow moving.rnrn
MARKET Seniors and people with mobility difficulties, who can stand. 3% out of 70M.rnIndividuals – for personal use such as for leisure.rnBusinesses, manufacturing facilities and warehouses.rnSecurity: Police, apartments, hotels and large respective businesses.

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