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Keep your grub safe

[Category : - OTHER- Automotive Accessories - Cooking]
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The number of delivery drivers has increased due to the ability to order food online: Amazon fresh, Uber food delivery, take out food, Pizza Hut, PapaJohns, Dominos delivery driver, flowers, etc.
The problem is that your car seat is designed for a person, not for a box. The seat does not form a right angle which causes your box to be tilted. An example is how cheese will go to one side of the pizza because the box isn't level.
"Keep your grub safe" is an innovate new design that solves this problem. It creates a right angle for the box so it sits level. It has hinges so you can fold it and store it easily until needed. The hollow design enables it to be buckled in using your existing seat belt to eliminate movement of the item that you are transporting.
No more wasting money or time on food or other things because they aren't level.

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I have a provisional patent on this item.
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The market potential is anyone that has a vehicle.

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