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The Easy Sip

[Category : - OTHER- Food- Appliances and houseware]
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The Easy Sip is a long, adjustable straw with an integrated rubber or threaded stopper for wine bottles that allows users to leisurely drink from a bottle of wine without tipping it back.
It is a Provisional Patent #62434730

Purpose & Benefits,

-Makes drinking directly from a bottle of wine more enjoyable and relaxing.

-Replaces the current cork or threaded cap for added convenience.

-Alleviates the hassle of distinguishing one person’s glass from another and constantly refilling glasses.

-Helps prevent messy spills and teeth stains.

-Saves wine drinkers and connoisseurs time and frustration.

Problems Solved
Whether drinking wine with a group or having a couple of glasses to relax alone, it can be frustrating to not only dirty wine glasses but also to remember where you last placed your glass and to constantly refill glasses. Some people may drink directly from a bottle instead, but it can be awkward to tip back these heavy bottles while holding them up to the face. Additionally, if people don’t finish a bottle of wine, it can be a hassle to recork it or find the threaded cap. If unable to find the cork or cap, some people may leave the bottle open, but this can attract fruit flies.

Detailed Description & Features
The Easy Sip allows users to sip wine directly from the bottle with superior ease and convenience and helps prevent red wine from staining the teeth. This innovative product may comprise a long straw with an accordion-like adjustable middle section and top section, similar to traditional bendy straws. Near the top of the straw can be a rubber wine stopper or a threaded cap that can be used to replace the current cork or cap, saving users time and frustration. Additionally, the straw can have a small cap that covers the top of the straw, connected by a ring that goes around the straw with a connecting arm.

The straw can be offered in various lengths to accommodate any size wine bottle, and can also adjust in length as needed via the accordion-like section for a perfect fit. The straw can be made from plastic, rubber composites, or other suitable material. The exact specifications may vary upon manufacturing.

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