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Native Reality® - a solution for the Future

[Category : - OTHER- Audio - Video]
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Native Reality® technology uses elements of software programming in the area of visual content, combining dinamic and static elements as well as 2D and Real 3D elementa, like in the cinema. Along with Alternate View® it creates something like movement of the clouds in the sky, as well as bringing the real environment from outside world inside a virtual machine, like a gaming console.

Examples: movement of the clouds on the sky, leafs carried by the wind, in game character shadow movement in the same time with the human beeing, character reflection in the water or in the mirror.

Financial information

I want to sell it , it has never been used before or sold, to companies like Sony, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft etc. which will use it on their gaming consoles, laptops, pc tablets, smartphones, audio-video player.

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