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New wind turbine design based on tapering funnels

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This patent proposal relates to a new design for a wind turbine that is radically different to the conventional single external propeller moving a turbine motor. It is thought that a single propeller is the most cost-effective, as more propellers require more turbine motors, increasing the costs of running and maintaining the structure. This new design proposes to use tapering funnels instead of the propeller. This would allow a wheel with blades to replace the function of the propeller and also to be placed inside of an enclosed covering, with perhaps only some ventilation requirements. The main components should be relatively cheap to produce and could be made of plastics, for example. The wind is everywhere in the environment where it covers a very large space, but it can sometimes have a weak strength. The main reason for using a tapering funnel is the fact that the force of the wind will be further concentrated, as it moves from the wider funnel input, to a much smaller output area, before it is directed onto the bladed wheel. The propeller of a conventional wind turbine can only make use of the wind that blows directly onto it. A large propeller would also require more force to move, than a number of smaller propellers. The smaller propellers however would then need to combine their energy output, to produce a comparable force to the larger one. This then gets converted into the generator input. This is prohibitive cost-wise, because each propeller is directly linked to generating electricity. It must therefore be connected to its own generator through a shaft, requiring expensive parts. In the new design, each funnel is used to enhance the wind power and as the output is still air, this can be combined with other funnels easily. The new design would allow, for example, a number of serial or parallel-placed funnels to influence the same single bladed wheel, where the combined output from them can still be used to feed the same turbine motor. The funnels can also be placed in any position North, South, East and West, for example. This would allow the system to be more effective when the wind direction changes or it is swirling.

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