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Elevated Portion Controlled Pet Food Dish

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Their are other elevated pet food dishes out their. So what's unique about ours? We have combined an elevated food dish with a 4 compartment portioned food tray.

But their are also automatic pet food dishes on the market. Yes, but they are automatic, ours is manually operated. Others are also not elevated like ours.

Automatic food dishes can be expensive and unreliable. Battery operated ones are inconsistent and can get expensive having to run to the store constantly to stock up with batteries. The ones that plug into a wall outlet can malfunction or break easily and most don't power back on if their is a power outage. These types of automatic feeders are mostly used for people whom travel a lot while leaving their pets at home.

Dry food (Kibbles) contains preservatives and oils to keep food fresh. Although food keeps fresh longer than that of wet food, it can start to go stale as soon as it hits the air.

Ours has a sealed tight lid to keep wet or dry none eaten compartment food fresh.

So our manually operated portion controlled food dish would be the better option as you add fresh food once per day and turn the dial for the next feeding time. The feet are made of none slip rubber to help keep the dish stable while your pet eats.
Just fill each dish container once in the morning with the desired measured food and your done for the day. Turn the dial on the top middle part of the dish to another eating compartment according to your pets preferred feeding times.

Is it easy to clean?
Yes. The stainless steel food dish has a one piece design for easy removal. Just pop off the outer lid using the dial as a handle and remove the dish. It is also dish washer safe.

Why Elevated?
Our food dishes are elevated 5 inches from the floor. This accompanies small and larger pets with easy digestion and with a more comfortable and stable posture while eating. This also aids proper spine alignment. Elderly pets, pets with injuries, Arthritis, Rheumatism, and healthy young pets can also benefit.

This has a utility patent pending. I am only interested in licensing this product, not selling it.
For more information, please click on the link that says 'Sellers Website' below,
Thank you

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