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device for air cooling, cooling fan

[Category : - Heating & Cooling]
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Title: A Device for Air Cooling
Pending patent
Filing date: 2017/1/17 Filing number: 223192 Application number: 2017/89
The complete descriptions of the invention

Prior Art:
The current ACs used in houses depends on the method of compressing coolant (fluorine gas) by means of a compressor usually reciprocating types which have a high power consumption & because of this compressing process the gas exiting the compressor is very hot
so they use another fan to push the air on the condenser coil to lower the gas`s temperature
then the gas is passed through an expansion or throttling device to lower its temperature much more
then they use another fan to push the air on the cooling coil to get a cool air
another kind is what is called the desert AC in this type they use ice or cold water which increases the humidity and makes water droplets which damage the furniture & metals in the house
The current Air conditioning problems
Household ACs (split & window )
Depending on the AC`s type There is two or three motors ( two fans & one compressor ) which consumes a lot of power
Have a high maintenance cost Because it have many motors
Low Efficiency compared with its overall cost ( Price-Installation-power consumption-maintenance )
Needs per use installation preparations such as drilling holes for pipes & mounting holders inside the house & outside
Needs an AC technician to install it
Fixed in one place mounted on walls can`t be moved, every room would need one so the overall cost multiply
The current AC`s overall cost is high for most
The outer part of the AC needs a lot of work especially in the higher floors
Household portable ACs ( the desert Ac types )
Low Efficiency -- Big size -- Heavy – Could leak water – raises the air humidity – makes water droplets in the air which damage furniture & metals – needs constant care to change ice or cold water as long as it is working -- the water used needs to be cooled or freezes in a freezer which raise the overall power consumption

The new aspects of the invention :
needs no pre use preparations
user friendly needs no professional technicians to install & run
very low power consumption
A single low power motor ( desk/ceiling fan ) is used unlike the current ACs which have three
The right to left in case of desk fan or the rotational movement in case of ceiling fan speeds up room cooling process
The use of fan motors to drive compressor or pump unlike current ACs
The use of a small pump or a modified compressor by taking out all electric parts & the rotating member & keeping only the rotational axis & necessary mechanical parts
The possible use of all kinds of fans, pump, compressors & all sizes to match the need such as (reciprocators -- Screw compressors – cone screw compressors & others …….)
Small size desk fan size
Low overall cost ( Price-Installation-power consumption-maintenance ) & it only uses a single motor
Easy to use just connect the power & push the button the same as any desk fan

Detailed description
The invention is an air cooling device which cools the air by passing it through a coil of pipes that contains a cold liquid or gas

The benefits:
Replace the current ACs which have very high power consumption & overall high cost compared to this invention
This invention is portable so it is could be moved from room to room which means that one unite of this invention could replace many ACs
Adaptable could be adapted & scaled to be used in all fields & needs
Reduce the overall cost ( Price-Installation-power consumption-maintenance )
For the benefit of:
This invention`s benefits goes beyond the individual to the whole community & world as this invention reduces the power consumptions significantly & so will the carbon emissions & power overloads which causes a lot of damage & loses to the power industry

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