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The Shoulder Shovel Multi-Tool

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Superior Designed Ergonomic Snow Shovel / Multi-Tool
Patent Pending: Application #15/008,940
Filing Date: 01/28/2016


After watching a news story about the high number of deaths (100 avg.) and injuries (1,220+) per year that occur while people shovel snow, artist and inventor David V. Yancey of Burnet, Texas decided there must be a safer and more efficient way to shovel snow or any other heavy material. David says, “I was also surprised to learn that it takes approximately 16 lbs of upward force to lift 6 lbs of snow using a traditional snow shovel. Obviously, this is very inefficient and dangerous, so I set off to find a better way.”

David then sat down to design and create an ergonomically superior prototype of his snow shovel vision and called it “THE SHOULDER SHOVEL” witch provides an easier, quicker and safer way to shovel snow. THE SHOULDER SHOVEL's unique Leverage Based Design uses a Single Point Adjustable Shoulder Strap connection to the shovels body creating a Fulcrum Point with a Weighted Telescoping Counter Balance Handle. This suspended and counter balanced configuration reduces the strain to a persons arms, hands and most of all the back and takes part of the load off the scoop and distributes the load to the users shoulders. These features in conjunction with the Ergonomically Correct long Angled Downward Shaft allows the user to stand more upright when shoveling which further takes the brunt of the work off the back.

Though primarily a snow shovel now, David envisions that THE SHOULDER SHOVEL will eventually be a multi-tool with removable heads to perform other tasks such as shoveling gravel and dirt, pitching hay, scraping floors, push broom and even do yard work with a rechargeable grass trimmer head.

Financial information

I am looking for an honest and legitimate investor and/or developer for THE SHOULDER SHOVEL. Ideally I would like someone to take my idea, develop it and take it to market.

Option #2 Once THE SHOULDER SHOVEL is patented I would like to either sell the patent or sign a License Agreement. I am more the creative idea guy so I would like someone to take over the business, marketing and development of my invention. I would also be willing to be a silent partner being involved with the creative development side.

Currently THE SHOULDER SHOVEL is in a working prototype stage and no production, marketing or sales have been made.

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