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[Category : - Swimming]
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DOLFINE is the name of my invention.
It's a MOTORIZED MONOFIN which imitates the natural movement of the dolphin's fin. It allows to swim and dive feeling like a dolphin.
There are other propelling underwater devices, as underwater sea-scoorters, but any of them gives the sensations given by DOLFINE.
The main advantages of DOLFINE vs. sea-scooters are:
- DOLFINE is very noiseless: it doesnt scare away the marine fauna.
- Much higher performance of monofin vs. propeller (80-90% vs. 40-50%): this means higher autonomy, smaller/chiper batteries and lower charge time.
- More aerodynamic due to the fact that is located behind the swimmer, which means no increase of front surface.
- Free hands: possibility of carrying by hand other objects as camera, flashlight, etc.
- No risk of penetration of objects in the engine.
- Lower maintenance.
- Cheaper than a high range sea-scooter (the comparison vs. an entry range sea-scooter doesnt apply).

DOLFINE runs with electrical batteries, and the electronic control buttons are in a box which is fixed to the swimmer's chest with a harness.

Video of DOLFINE running is available under request.

Financial information

I am offering the complete pack:
- International PCT patent (not published yet).
- Functional protoype, which runs very well.
- Design: drawings and technical specifications.

I am looking for an outright sale of my patent. A license with royalties could be considered as well.

The market potential is big (20 million snorkerlers in the world and many thousands amateurs of boats). I have constructed a 5 years business plan which gives a cumulated turnover of 34 M and a cumulated EBITDA of 14 M.

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