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[Category : - ELECTRONICS- Telecommunications- Audio - Video]
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This patent covers an integrated wireless electronic system for storing and charging wireless headsets directly with their mobile device, electronic device or accessory. The patent allows for the attachment of headsets directly to their wireless devices through the power port (and more broadly by other methods) for storing and charging both devices simultaneously.

It has significant advantages over existing technology in that current wireless headsets need to be carried and charged separately from their wireless device with additional cables and/or charging chambers. In addition to the user convenience of simultaneously charging of wireless headsets with their mobile or electronic device, the patent allows headsets to be centrally stored with the wireless device or accessory and eliminates the need for additional charging equipment. This patent offers wireless headset users significant charging, storage, and portability benefits from the current technology that require them to charge wireless headsets separately from their devices and carry additional charging or storage equipment for their use.

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Market potential is high given the increased market demand and usage of mono and stereo wireless bluetooth headsets. The recent improvement in technology for smaller wireless headsets entering the market enhances the potential for this patent. In addition to the use with wireless mobile devices, users of wireless device accessories, such as smart watches, will significantly benefit from the enhanced portability and charging of their corresponding wireless headsets. Wireless headsets could also be stored with stationary devices and might see enhanced demand in the future.

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