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[Category : - Computers and computer accessories - Security and alarms]
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The method and electronic system for digital encoding/decoding of data in equipments for technologies for computation, communications and automation, conform invention, is a method realized by running a computer program and is an electronic system which can be new or usual but specific equipped and/or prepared for be used to run the computer program with scope of data digital encoding/decoding with a high rate of exploitation of concept for digital data codification in equipments for technologies for computation, communications and automation which include processing units.
The method digital encode/decode the data in a new specifically mode which will named number-string encoding, act which solve an optimization problem of mentioned equipments by significant growth of performances of this by used generalized, at any level of informatics systems, from machine code to SW applications, the algorithm number-string which use a table with correspondents for encoding/decoding of data.
Implementing this invention can be obtain many advantages, divers degree depend of the project of implementation. This advantages are regarding:
» reducing of consumption of energy;
» increasing of speed for data processing;
» increasing of speed of operating;
» reducing times for processing and operating;
» reducing of occupancy of operational memory (RAM)
» reducing of traffic inside computing system, to peripherals, in network and in Internet, for the same considered quantity of data;
» reducing of storage space on storage unit, for the same considered quantity of data;
» realization of a high level for digital security of data (encoded number-string) which are arrive in RAM, which are sending on storage unit and for data which are transferring inside of computing system, to the peripherals, in network and to the web;
» reducing costs for utilization of equipments for technologies for computation, communications and automation and the costs for activities which use this digital instruments;
» obtaining of significant competitive advantages;
» others which will be founded when running the projects for implementation of this invention and founded when using this implementation.
WIPO registration - WO/2016/130037~~~~~~~~~~~

Financial information

~~~~~~~~~Way revolutionary?
Because this NewWay2IT&C are normal to become general standard for all future generation of digital equipments: nanotechnology, biotechnology, like IBM Synapse project, Quantum computer etc. Because this invention is not prior electronic or cybernetics but informatics.
~~~~~~~~~Who needs the features of this invention?
Probable ALL hardware and software manufacturers, IT&C and automation.
~~~~~~~~~Who would buy the new products?
Who needs economy, security, prosperity ...?!
~~~~~~~~~Who can benefits from implementation of this invention?
» people and organizations
» private, civic, public
» professional, scientific, entrepreneurial
» governmental, politics
~~~~~~~~~We looking for ...
» To find a lot of partners, minimum one for almost every country (for software implementation) which pay for patenting in our name and receive in this way important monopoly (via partnership and licensing) benefits if and where the patent granting,
» To find proper partners for hardware implementation,
» To find a single or just some partners like 1 above but before paying for patenting must make an agreement with us and must make an adequate first payment for become co-inventor with we in some country and then, this partner can run patenting procedure according with our agreement (this options must be study with laws on hand)
» To sell our inventions, which are not on patenting procedure or are not published yet.
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