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Machinery to 3D Print Buildings from Onsite Materials

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment]
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This international patent application covers machinery and methods to enable the production of residential and commercial buildings from on site excavated material.

The solutions covered enable production of properties for around 60% of current brick and tile properties. The finished buildings have much greater longevity and insulation properties than those created using existing 3D printed concrete, brick and wood (cross
laminated timber) methods. This patent application covers the production machinery and final product. The solutions overcome the limitations of current construction machinery and robotics with respect to reach, cost and portability. In addition to the IP rights, we can make available both in depth technical/commercial analysis, proof of concept prototypes, other technical know how and commercialisation strategies.

This opportunity is likely to be of interest to construction machinery manufacturers and rental companies, property developers and owners. In addition to sales and licencing, we are also open to joint venture and investment approaches.

In addition, I am also looking to licence GB2525400 which covers a solution to enable the centralised mass production and global shipping of complete residential and commercial buildings.

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