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Football box

[Category : - Toys and games]
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Football box .
It's a mini soccer field about 2.00 mts x 1.30 mts , with two goals , used to play indoors or outdoors , it has 4 walls and a mesh cover over it to keep the ball out , the ball bounces all the time within the limited space like a game of " pinball " until it enters one of the goal , and the ball never leaves the playing area.
Nowadays kids want to play indoors , but annoy other people or objects can break inside the home, play also has risks outside house on the street where cars pass , and meet strangers without parental supervision .
Football is the most popular sport in the world , but there is a risk of injury or fights if players have contact during the game.
With "football box" no contact between players can be played between 2 or more people , no age limits , it is easy to assemble and transport , you can play in the home or other enclosed space without disturbing anyone , since the ball does not come out .
The "football box" was presented at the exhibition of inventions of gin in 2012, and won the gold medal, and was reviewed by the world press with very positive comments. Even a Yahoo! sports report pointed to him as the winner of the exhibition.
If the mesh covering the field is removed, the "football box" becomes a "sand box" or an enclosed play area for babies .
You can have the image of your favorite club or logo, such as FIFA, companies, selections, etc.

The "football box" has already granted patent in the U.S. Your cost is difficult to determine because only own a prototype, but should be about $ 30. I want to license a company that manufacture and distribute my game. And that page a percentage of sales, or other arrangement.
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