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Next Gen Zip Tie

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Cable ties, aka "zip ties", originally invented to speed cable bundling, have found their way into a many aspects of our lives. They are effective, convenient, and perhaps tougher and more weather resistant than twine. And they are being used in quantity worldwide. One company molded 10 billion cable ties last year!

A problem with zip ties is that most are disposable - they must be destroyed to be released. Reusable ties exist, but they tend to be cumbersome to use and more expensive than the traditional zip tie.

The zip tie design offered here uses a "side open" design in the head (see illustrations), rather than the traditional small window, to hold the strap portion of the tie. When it comes time to remove the "side open" zip tie, the strap is stripped out the open side of the head, rather than cutting and destroying the tie.

Reusability is especially appealing for medium to large-sized ties, which tend to be more expensive per piece than the smaller zip ties. Reusability is also a worthwhile feature where a large quantity of ties are used regularly - in agriculture to hold grape vines to support wire, for example.

The "side open" concept also permits design features that are not possible in a conventional zip tie design, as the strap end need not slip into a tiny window. For instance, a loop may be molded into the strap (see illustration, below) so that many ties may be collected and hung for ready access by the user - in the vineyard application, as an example.

In summary, the "side open" design permits faster attachment /detachment and added design flexibility, without added cost - a truly functional, reusable zip tie.

There are dozens of design options for the "side open" concept. Compound tooling for production isn't necessary. Specific "side open" zip tie designs are matched with polymers / elastomers that meet the required hardness/flexibility and other requirements for that design.

This invention is available for sale or license. Patent pending.

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