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Extracting electrical energy from a water volume

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we found a new experimental phenomenon that we called “Oxhydroelectric Effect”, which confirms that the QED (Quantum Electrodynamics) application to the study of water can lead to identify entirely new experimental facts, with possible applications of technical and industrial interest, based on very simple technologies.rnThe Oxhydroelectric Effect consists in the extraction of an electric current from bi-distilled water, using two identical platinum electrodes, where the current is fed from the simple environmental heat, and mediated by oxygen molecules.rnIt's clear that the object of the patent on the OXHYDROELECTRIC EFFECT in double-distilled water, PROCESS AND APPARATUS FOR THE EXTRACTION OF ELECTRICITY FROM WATER, can be transformed to a real "breakthrough" technology. The phenomenon needs of course further research to go beyond the "proof of principle", and then the technological challenge will mainly consist in the identification of at least one specific application-system to optimize and to engineer, and soon after in the scale-up of such a system. We mention only a few of these specific applications easily conceivable already now:-New Photovoltaic Systems working thanks to infrared radiation (environmental heat -Higher efficiency Fuel Cellsrn-Optimization of Reactions in Industrial Chemistry -Higher efficiency Reverse Electro Dialysis (RED) systems

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