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Method and Apparatus for Use with a Toilet

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An apparatus for use with a toilet and a method of storing and cleaning a toilet utensil is provided. A toilet includes a toilet bowl, a tank storing a quantity of water, and a flushing device controlling a flow of the quantity of water from the tank to the toilet bowl. A toilet utensil holding structure is located within the tank, wherein the toilet utensil holding structure positioned to hold at least one toilet utensil. A tank cover is positioned over an opening in the tank. The tank cover has at least two cover portions independently movable to one another, wherein at least one of the two cover portions controls access to the at least one toilet utensil.

Financial information

My product is a patented toilet. It is a toilet like no other; it has not sold anywhere in the USA or anywhere else in the world
I called it the “smart toilet” the “hospitality toilet”. AKA “007””
What it does and how it does it, is its unique features. It beatifies the space it occupies by simplifying it. By removing all the unnecessary clutter around the toilet.
The toilet water tank cover is split in half like a butterfly crating two half’s, each with a secret compartment underneath. Compartment A and compartment B
Compartment A is located at the left hand side looking at the toilet water tank were the flush handle is located. Underneath the cover A, an air freshener compartment is located and it is activated when the toilet is flushed brining fresh air smell in the room. In addition, its unique size shape and v function makes it available for licensing to producers of such products, like air freshener cartages. Providing revenue after the sale with every flush.
Compartment B is located at the right side looking at the toilet water tank at the opposite side were the flush handle is located. Underneath the cover, B inside the water tank located at the walls of the water tank is a build in holding bracket; this bracket function is to hold the toilet brush and the toilet plunger. Eliminating the always-ugly presence of the brush in a cup next to a toilet. In addition, the changing water in the water tank keeps the apparatus clean. The same unique principals apply to toilet plunger, which usually is stored further away or in storage areas away from the bathroom. Making it easily accessible. Replacement apparatus are available for lessening because of the unique size shape and function of the toilet, providing revenue after the sale.
Hospitality toilet is a product with the same features designed for the hotel industry and likes. Giving hotels a promotional edge over their competition.

“007” Is a bracket with a toilet brush and toilet plunger that sells separately. That installs at any toilet for holding and concealing the toilet cleaning apparatus. Makes it ideal for renters and consumers not in the market for a new toilet.

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