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Real-Time Tone Mapping for High Dynamic Range Content

[Category : - SOFTWARES- Telecommunications- Audio - Video]
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A method and system, is described for enabling fast computation of single and/or sequence of video frames, It reduces the overall computation time, necessary to apply either a pre-existing or further local tone mapping filter operator. The system exploits future graphic processor unit (GPU) in conjunction with the use of either an early Z buffer test or stencil, depth tests. First a method to identify the perceptual important regions is applied to the frame to output a map that localizes these regions which are marked in order to properly make use either of an early Z buffer, stencil or depth buffer tests. A filtering technique may be applied to make the map more robust. A local tone mapping operator is used for these parts, while a global operator handles the remainder of the scene.; The outputs of the local and global operators are recombined and a blending technique may be applied to remove possible artifacts.

Financial information

- What we are looking:
is an outright sale of all the property rights
- Market Potential:
Today High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging is ready and there is an high interest from several big companies to provide this feature in their next range of products. This solution is either a novel tone mapper or an accelerating solution for existing tone mapper that can be easily integrated into existing HDR Imaging solution.
Market potential is large and possible sectors involved are: entertainment, TV's, cinema, video-games, imaging and video sw, imaging and video hardware, digital camera's, security, medical etc.

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