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Paint and compound Preservation Pad

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Home Depot has shown interest in this item. A pad either round,square or rectangle of many sizes, but certain sizes to benefit the need.The pad is a thin,very flexible and buoyant rubber material that is not absorbent.It is to preserve product whether it is paint,joint compound,brushes,roller heads, etc. The pad is in direct contact with the product in its quart or gallon can or bucket or wrapped around the brush or roller head and banded.The idea is to lock out air so skin or lumps or mold does not form.The cost of materials such as paint and compounds are through the roof and getting more expensive everyday.The waste factor as a contractor is from the profit.The homeowner always throws out paint due to poor preservation.When its needed you have to TRY and MATCH colors and PAY. They can be used day to day or for periodic storage.They are very durable.They are easy to clean from wet or dry product for continual use. These pads are used by me and my men,and save time, material and aggravation when using a clean product. Patent numbers are for people with serious intent.

Financial information

I am looking for a partner,buyout or license deal .If a partnership money will go to production and advertising. It is a new idea and never before marketed. The market potential is tremendous and Home Depo has shown interest. It is patented and covered for design.This product is very inexpensive to [Use the button below to contact me]

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