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New Biometric technology!

[Category : - Security and alarms]
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Our new patent derives from the common practices of biometric identification. The general direction of developing this technology today is focusing on the quality of the reading part of the process, but ultimately the data for identification is sent to a server or the cloud. Here is an example for this:
HID GLOBÁL, the development company of ASSA ABLOY. Link

The other common practice is that they pair the biometric identification code with one well known technology. This method is flawed fundamentally, since these technologies that exist today cannot dissolve in one another. To this a good example is the following patent that has recently won prizes on contests: the biological data originating from the human pulse used as secondary security code, combined with an already existing chip technology.
Biowach. Link

The solution that we came up with is enabling the user to create a strong, two component code - one of which is the biometric information - in a simple and accessible way, like with the use of a smartphone. They do this by only creating implications to their bio data with simple identification codes. This eliminates the threat when a data theft occurs on a server, since the user can simply create new implication codes, rendering the value of such codes for hackers to none. Simply said, the actual biometric identification data does not get passed into an external database, only the second level implication codes.
Take for example the efforts of the following Japanese company to hide the users' fingerprints in order to protect their actual biometric data.
Besides this method they are also in the process of developing eyeglasses that would blur the wearer's face on photos or video footage.
We think these efforts are going to be more difficult in order to secure other biometric identification like pulse, etc.

In our technology we use our own new patent for encryption which enables the aforementioned, simply applicable idea for using biometric identification with the bio data protected by a secondary implication code.

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