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TEN DAY PİLLOW(Annual Average income 100 million dolar )

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Note :Productıon rights belongs to me with my patent which hasnt published yet .The product was tried with similar prototype it works .
-How ı decided the design ıt ?-
Firstly ,I m Mechanical Engineer(Product Designer) at the Turkey and I get the hair transplantation in Turkey and I suffered the because of some problems. I want to offer an simplicity for the hair transplantation patients with this invention .

-What your invention is about ?-
The present invention relates to a pillow which protects the donr and hair transplated area and prevent the involuntarily head action for the hair transplantation patients.

-Hair transplantation patients faces with these problems -
After the Hair transplantation, edema at the top of the head can move to the patients forehead ,eyes and cheek and causes the bad scenes
Hair transplantation can turns the head right or left and it can causes the damage at the transmitter area .However head friction with the pillow can damages the graft(hair roots).
Patients psychological and sleeping problems
Patients transmitter area can be Inflamed because of the dirty pillow

-What problem it solves ?-
It minimizes the risk of edema in the forehead, temple and eye areas of the patient.
It helps the patient's head area to remain stable by reducing the risk of play.
It allows the patient to experience a more relaxed healing process by eliminating their anxieties.
The sterile pillow makes the patient feel more comfortable.(against the infection risk)
Thanks to the design of the product ,pillow interacts only with the donor area of the head and give no chance for the fricton of the pillow and hair transplantation area .
Due to the microfilament polyester structure of the pillow, the fluids coming from the donor area of the patients will be taken in the pillow.
what is the benefit comparing the existing technologies
Known pillows only provide a certain height to the head area of the patient and do not have any function for the patient. In general, the use of these pillows filled with cotton contains a risk of high friction with the planted area in the hill region because the pillow is puffed. It can also cause the patient's donor area to be damaged if the patient turns to the right or to the left.

-How we can use it ?-
Link (Go to the picture )
The head of the patient is placed between the two belt tires, and the belt tires are aligned behind the ear. The connecting members are moved along the short side of the pillow so that the spheres are tangential to the connection point with the head area of the patient's ear. This prevents the head from being involuntarily totaly turned to the left or right while in the hospital lying position.

How can we adapt the industry?
The pillow will be produced in a mixture of microfilament polyester and cotton and can be easily produced in textile factories where some towels are used today. The belt will be supplied from the textile factories in the same way on the tire. The left connection elements and spheres will be produced and supplied by the combined plastic injection method. All the last parts will be passed through the steam sterilization process and the assembly product will be ready.

Financial information

-How do you ensure that this product will be famous?(Why should people buy this product)
Because they wanna go through the relaxing healing period and they dont want the hazard the big investment on the top of head .Because especially first three days so important for the patientes .

Firstly ( I have all productıon rights for this productıon but not publıshed my patent but ı wanna product it before 18 month and apply patent applicatıon for big potential countries)
Because of the prices applied in Turkey, an average of one thousand people are hair transplantating every day. This means that the annual average is only 360 thousand patients for the Turkish market. Do you not buy this small pillow to protect the big investment in your head and prevents the troubles you take?
The average commercial volume potential of the product for Turkey market;
If you think that the product sells on an average annual figure, we should set an average price of 26 dolar =100 TL.=> 100 *360 000 = 36 million TL=10 million $ for turkey annual income.
What is the production cost of 10 day pillow?
-İts only just 1 dolar for Turkey :) => Can you see the profit
You wıll spend just 360 0000$ but yo wıll earn 10 millon dolar just for Turkısh market .
So if we try to figure out the potential and potential exchange rate in the world?
After the fue method was found . Hair transplantatıon operatıon is increasing %80 every in 2 years .According to the hair transplantatıon statistics reports minimum 1 million people has this operatıon every year.When you calculate the productıon cost ıts about 1.5 million dolar. when you sell but you wıll get 100 million$ . gıve 1 and take 100 . (ıf you set the price 100 dolar for developed countries ).You can set the price according to the humans purchasing power for different countries.
Moreover, this product will be disposable because it will not be used by someone else because of the contaminants coming from the hair area and the contamination of the product.I mean that you will get that money for every year.

However you should agree with the every pharmacy clinic near the hair transplant centry .Or you can sell ıt onlıne with the help of online network .

Link (Go to the picture)
The following table is organized by the Australian hair transplantation authority and examines the increases. Within two years, there has been an increase of up to 80 percent in hair transplantation since 2012.
The number of operations registered in this sector increased by 80 percent every few years. Most of the single operations are not recorded. The world is reported by the world hair clinic where 1 million patients in the world have undergone this annual operation. This is mean about average 100 million dollar for annual intake with this proction (if you select the 100 dolar select the price)

High Commercial Potential
Becoming a brand with the effect of snowball
Low cost and high profit potential
If the patent is owned by a single person and can not be commercialized by someone without permission (Product owns the patent and use rights personally)
Increasing recognition and acquisitions with new acquisitions through engagements due to this work
60% of males have a never-ending consumer mass due to baldness
Because you will have a product that can be sold in 365 days of the year due to hair transplantation in summer and winter(not depend the season)


İf you think that these values are dream .Your company can make research on the hair transplant patients.According to the personel research with the help of the hair transplant patients ,there is strong demand from patients for thıs productıon .These values so small because we didnt calculated that other kind of patients (such as Nasal aesthetic,facial aesthetic patients can use this pillow )
You can select the any haır transplantatıon clınıc ın the your country and ask them do you wanna buy thıs ıtem .Market research ıs free .
Im evaluating the offers coming from the componies .
Thank you for reading with my love and respect .
We are in deep love with science ...
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