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Universal Mount for Folding Bayonet/Knife

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I am an United States Air Force Veteran who has always had an interest in firearms. I bought a firearm and a picatinny rail that I could add to the front of the firearm for installing a folding bayonet and that is where the fun began. I found out while doing a lot of research that there are other means for installing bayonets but all of them have specific ways it has to be done and I could not find any that allowed any type of knife to be installed. My invention changes all of that by making it easy to install any type of knife (Spring assisted folding, Tactical, Stiletto, Bayonet, Hunting Knife, etc...) on any Picatinny/Weaver style rail. This invention would benefit Military, Police, Hunters, Gun Enthusiasts, etc.
After many attempts I came up with my prototype which worked very good. I built a few more and tested them on ebay with great results. I sold around eight (8) prototypes (a year ago) that sold for $29.95 to $100.00 and received some very good feedback (feedback available). I contacted the United States Patent Commission USPC and was told to pull my prototype off of ebay which I did. I have created a much better unit which now is Patented. I am currently in the process of creating a quick release mount of which will be given to whomever wants to purchase my Patent. Please contact me so we can discuss any questions that you may have. Thanks for your time, Steve

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I am looking for an all out sale or licensing with royalties etc... I am basically open to listening to anything anyone has to offer for my consideration. When I sold some prototypes on ebay they went from anywhere between $29.95 to $100.00 and those were not even close to what I eventually came up with and invented. The mount that I cam up with allows the mounting of any style Knife and still gives you the ability to add a light and / or laser on each side of the mount. Thank you for you time.

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