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Graphical taillight system

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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A graphical taillight system for efficiently alerting a driver of a vehicle behind a signaling vehicle of the operations (e.g. braking, turning, reversing, etc.) of the signaling vehicle. The graphical taillight system generally includes a tail light cover including a rear surface, wherein the rear surface is comprised of a substantially nontransparent configuration. At least one signaling portion extends through the rear surface of the tail light cover, wherein the signaling portion is comprised of a substantially transparent configuration and wherein the signaling portion is graphically shaped to represent at least one operation of a vehicle. At least one light is aligned with the respective signaling portion, wherein the light shines through the signaling portion.

I would like to introduce to you my US Utility Patent "Graphical Tail Light System". Graphical Tail Light System, is not just an eye candy tail light that catches car drivers attention, it is also a safety promoting device, as it draws the attention of the back driver with its moving symbolic design, which will catch his attention from other surrounding distractions.

So Graphical Tail light System is an innovative design that promotes safe driving.

Graphical Tail-Light System is the future generation of tail lights with its innovative ergonomic new look. Please visit my to see more about the patent.

I am the owner of a Utility Patent entitled "Graphical Tail-light System", a granted utility patent number US 7,791,465 B1 which has been published in the gazette of the United States Patent & Trademark Organization (USPTO) on following link:


I filed a utility patent application for my invention on Feb. 01, 2008 through the law firm of Neustel Law Office.

I believe that car buyers will love cars that have the Graphical Tail-Light System because:

It has a completely new attractive Tail lights look.
It is fully customizable to any tail light size or shape.
Its an Innovative improvement to tail lights.
It is a smart tail lights, with its "Visual Enhancement" of communication between car drivers.
It has an Ergonomic design.
It attracts attention to contribute in road safety.

Briefly stated, my Utility Patent comprises a new tail lights design. The unique features of my invention are signs or symbolic tail lights. The advantages of the Graphical Tail Light System are

1. Attractive look, the iconic design readily catches attention with its new attractive look, and symbolic meaning.
2. Renovative design. It is time that car tail light evolutes from its regular look.
3. Ergonomic enhancement, its more comfortable to the eye, attract attention and understandable.
4. Promote Road Safety. Studies show that un-attentive driving is the cause of 80% of car accidents, thus increasing attention than other distractions shall respectively promote safety driving.
5. Attract attention. Studies show that attention probability is increased when figures and symbols are added to signs.
6. Pictorial perceptional system. Human mental conception depends on the perception of pictures or figures, thus symbols are easier and faster to realize.
7. Highly semiotic. Symbolic signs and signals added to tail lights are highly Semiotic.
8. Highly understandable.
9. Reckon autism (Symbolic communication). Studies show that there are many people that consider symbolic communication more preferable.
10. Help people with color disabilities, the symbol or sign shall do the job.

I also have an analysis study of the product-ability of the Graphical Tail Light System done by Lambert & Lambert.

I've also started producing the Graphical Tail Light System applied to my Chevrolet Optra, please visit Link to see this tail light. So I have the electronic circuits, the plastic models and the process of production.

I am willing to consider selling or licensing the patent rights of my invention.

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