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Process for synthesis of clay particles

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A process for synthesizing clay particles comprising the step of heating a reactant solution mixture of metal salt and a metal silicate using a radiation source under conditions to form said synthetic clay particles.

Synthetic clay particles can be achieved by this process by co-precipitation under the radiation such as microwaves. Advantages of the patented process:
a) is a simpler and continuous process,
b) avoids the conventional long hours of aging step for gel formation with the mixture that is reportedly required before conventional heating methods,
c) does not require any further step for purification of the clay particles,
d) does not require high temperature or high pressure thereby reducing operating and capital costs,
e) produces clay particles of uniform size, shape and composition.

The synthetic clay obtained by the patented process has characteristic features similar to that of commercially available Laponite.

a) as or in the manufacturing of a rheology modifier in aqueous solution,
b) a film forming agent,
c) a catalyst or base for catalyst,
d) nanocomposites or energy storage nanocomposites,
e) optical electronics,
f) photovoltaic and organic light emitting diodes,
g) sensors such as humidity sensors or biosensors.

Countries where Patent is Granted:
Australia,, Malaysia, Korea, Canada, Russia, Singapore, Japan,

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