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Electro-Mechanical Hydraulic Valve Lifter

[Category : - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- OTHER- Automotive Accessories ]
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The invention relates to an improved system of electro-mechanical hydraulic valve lifters for piston engine automobiles that increases fuel economy and reduces fuel emissions. The electro-mechanical hydraulic valve lifters contain that enclose a magnetorheological fluid chamber, containing magnetorheological fluid. A control module manages voltage sent to the magnetorheological fluid in the magnetorheological fluid chamber. The control module introduces various amounts of magnetic flux to the magnetorheological fluid in the magnetorheological fluid chamber. The magnetorheological fluid’s viscosity changes based on the amount of magnetic flux applied to it from the electromagnets and, along with the magnetorheological fluid chamber spring, controls how much an intake and exhaust port of the spark plug engine opens to control the amount of fuel used and exhaust let out of the engine.

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With the increasing pushes for more fuel efficient and cleaner vehicles, the unique features of this product provide the following benefits for automobile users everywhere to stay ahead of the curve pre and after-market:
• Minimizes costs in production
• Increases fuel economy
• Decreases fuel emission
• Simplifies auto maintenance and creates easier access of engines