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Text Display Technology Improves Reading Speed and Retention

[Category : - SOFTWARES- Computers and computer accessories - Advertising methods]
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A method of defining and displaying letters of words on a computer platform is provided, so that words of text can be more quickly and accurately read by a person. A plurality of subfonts are used to define character sets to be displayed on a monitor screen, in which the subfonts make words more legible and faster to read. A font designer may design a variety of different subfonts for various characters of a font set, and can define which subfonts are to be used to display individual characters of words, depending upon the position of characters within a word, and depending upon the number of characters of that word. The font designer can select, from a plurality of subfonts, individual styles for letters of various words that are all defined within a same font set, which itself can comprise many different styles of existing or new font types. A study was conducted at Syracuse University proving an 8% speed improvement for all readers, and a 25-50% improvement for Dyslexic readers. In addition, readers increased their knowledge retention of the reading.This new technology also permits handwriting text more realistic than any other text on the market by permitting variation of individual characters within a word. Included with the patent is the software to create these files, as well as software that works in Microsoft Word to apply these fonts. The code can be adapted to other applications.

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Invention has not been sold, but has been used in academic settings to help Dyslexic and ADHD Readers, and was used in some publications.

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