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Intelligent dirty Laundry basket

[Category : - Bathroom]
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Note: We do not know how many kilos of laundry we have accumulated in our normal dirty laundry baskets we use at home. Washing machines do not wash the same amount of laundry at the same time in each program. That is, a 7 kg washing machine is washing 7 kg in cotton and 4 kg in synthetics. Bosch, who is doing this experiential marketing business, knows well in Simens brands. If the laundry is put on the capacity of the washing machines, the clothes can get dirty, and a few pieces that are too many can not wait for the next wash because they do not fit in the machine. If the washing is done under the capacitor, the consumption values ​​may be too high. With this intelligent dirty laundry basket included in this project, a single sepette will show up to the user how many kilograms he / she has accumulated in the cotton, how many kilograms he / she has accumulated in the cotton, how many kilograms he / she has accumulated in the black screen.

When we look at it as a market share, today there is no house that does not use a dirty laundry basket. It is possible to appeal to a very large audience at very small costs. The amount will be an important issue because the new model washing machines will now have a load sensor. Regarding the project, I would be very happy if you make a negative return to the positive side. Made in Turkey / İstanbul
number: 0506-897-47-41

Financial information

Turkey Patent reference number : 2016/05701

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