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Multipocket pouch for use on shoulder or belt

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Please contact me via email at [Use the button below to contact me] for more drawings and patent papers of the product which I've been unable to upload to the web site due to file format issues. These additional sketches will greatly help you to project on how to tailor the adjustments for the size and other tweaks you would like to make to develop the final product you want to produce.

The Multipocket Pouch For Use On Shoulder Or Belt is very unique, versatile and adaptable to consumers’ ever changing needs and lifestyle. People are carrying around with them everywhere they go more and more items, such as cellphones, other portable electronic gadgets and many personal essentials. It bothered me greatly to have bulging pants and jacket pockets while carrying just the essential items- keys, wallet, lip balm, loose change, and now, my cellphone. And they always seem to be fighting for space, while digging into my legs.
Many cell phone screens get broken by people carrying them in their pants pockets, or they are dropped and severely damaged by carrying them in their hands, or they are just put down and forgotten or stolen some where.

I invented my Multipocket Pouch with just such problems in mind. It has a removable strap, two waistband clips, (with it's own built in safety loop, so it can't be snatched off), has it’s own external key ring, inner pockets for organizing all it’s contents, and a zipper split. The zipper is opened for flexibility when worn on the waist, and closed for stability when worn with the strap on the shoulder, or used as a clutch. The strap can be reattached for conventional use.

With this product, you always have a versatile accessory that is big enough to safely hold your cell phone, and allows you to organize all of your other personal everyday essentials, such as car keys, wallet, pen, change, lip balm, sun shades etc,
The product works great with formal wear. It is sleek, and with the strap detached, it can be worn inconspicuously clipped onto the waist band, or carried as a clutch.

This one product solves many problems people often have with carrying around basic everyday essentials whenever they leave their home; how can they comfortably, conveniently and fashionably secure them without having painful, annoying and ugly looking bulging pockets? The old fanny pack just doesn't cut it.
My product has a removable strap, allowing the wearer to use it clipped to their waist band, or thread their belt through it's safety loop for a secured fit.The pouch is just the right size for it to be worn with formal attire by anyone, anywhere, Men can wear the product with a suit, inconspicuously clipped onto their waist band. Women can choose to wear it over the shoulder, clipped onto their waist, or simply carry it as a clutch - this new design can handle it all. You'll always have with you your everyday essentials without the pain and uncomfortable pocket bulge.

It can be manufactured from various materials, and can also be re-configured for better function by making simple changes to it's size and style, such as having just one long outer zipper to make it more open, instead of having a separate zipper on the right half, and another one on the left half. There can also be a separate line of spin off products- such as Clipon Wallet, Clipon Pouch, Clipon Purse/Pocket Book, and Clipon Sports Pak, all by simply changing it's size and style.

With the explosion of cellphones, a product like The Multipocket Pouch For Use On Shoulder Or Belt is long overdue. This pouch is just the right accessory for consumers who want to finally have a fashionable, adaptable, and more functional alternative to their bulging pockets. and it being ready now for manufacture is perfect timing. And don't forget the possibility of having all those spin off products!

Should you need any additional information or have any questions,
please contact me at: [Use the button below to contact me] or 631-473-2217

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