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"Plantopathy" - A New Branch of Medical Science for Plants.

[Category : - Agriculture- HEALTH]
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Plantopathy is Invention based in Agricultural Sector. Agriculture is one of the largest sectors, it has been contributing to the GDP ever since. Plantopathy is a branch of Science to treat Plants with medicines as like treating humans by finding suitable medicine for Precaution, Prevention, Diagnosis and treatment. By turning the medicine into absorbable form for plants and feeding it through roots. Applying anything to treat the Soil and Feeding Hormones to plants doesn't come under Plantopathy. Feeding anything to Plants which is absorbed by it comes under Plantopathy. Anything extracted by any solvent which can be absorbed by plants comes under Plantopathy. Plantopathy is not a Patent for Single Product, It's a large stream of Science.
Plantopathy causes a revolution against the curse named Pesticides. One of the Plantopathic formulation currently existing in the market namely "Plant Immune Stimulator", is Toxicologically Proven. Results can analysed in just 72 hour of application in bare eyes. Its a boon to every creature on Earth directly or Indirectly.
Target customers are farmers Directly; the consumer profile shows a large list.

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