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Ultra safe, very light and energy economizing pressure vessel

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- RENEWABLE ENERGY- Pneumatic Accessories]
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The novel kind of pressure vessel needs down to 1/3 of the metallic (or other) material required by ordinary pressure vessels (thus is much cheaper), while at the same time providing ultra high safety (at least a factor of 10 more safe compared to ordinary designs).
When the vessel is used to store compressed air, the vessel contributes too to lower by 10%-20% the energy needed to fill it.
The invention may spread to all the industrial fields that use pressure vessels,because provides high safety and very low weight.
The solution due to the extreme safety it provides may be mandatory in the future. Especially for mobile applications, where crashes are a possibility to account seriously of the vessel is the solution to safety.

Financial information

The market potential is the whole range of pressure vessels ranging from compressor pressure vessels to gas pressure vessels to any kind of pressure vessel.

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