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High efficiency compressed air motor e.g. for compressed air cars

[Category : - Automotive Accessories - Pneumatic Accessories]
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I was astonished by the low efficiency of the very well known and old compressed air motors (isothermal efficiency of 25%).
There are companies that have implemented some improoved solutions but haven't addressed the problem at it's source or have too much complicated solutions.
E.g. Link Link Link Link
We know their work deeply and our solution different and very simple provides the possibility of very high pressure input ( differently than all the previous except lightsail ).
With our solution besides high pressure high efficiency compressors, we are targeting the rickshow market of low income countries ( many millions of vehicles ) and we may improove the life of many people in an ecological way.

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Our simple solution, allows for a low cost implementation of compressed air vehicles with very fair autonomy (2-2,5 times more than competitors).
Applying that to a rickshow, it is the way to create a compressed air light vehicles industry in low income countries.
All production may be done locally ( e.g. India, Bangladesh Cina etc).
The outcome may be an industry and brand as the big ones in automobiles.

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