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Daric Encrypted Virtual Currency (Application Number 14/300,204)

[Category : - SOFTWARES]
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The Daric encrypted virtual currency backed by a commodity "patent application" represents a "platform" encrypted virtual currency application that was filed on a provisional level with the USPTO back in June 2013! The provisional was turned into a full on patent application in June 2014. Basically Daric would be an encrypted virtual currency backed by a commodity such as gold, silver or platinum bullion among others. Once a transfer of funds is made into a user account, a commodity is purchased to back the funds that have been transferred into Darics (The Virtual Currency). The currency would track the value of the commodity and increasing or decreasing a value of the funds based on the value of the commodity. The user account is accessible via a computer network for making purchases or an additional transfer of the funds to another user account. The Daric could also be an independent encrypted virtual currency system or could be generated by an existing virtual currency system, such as the Bitcoin (TM) network or the Ripple Computer System. Basically, Daric could be its own platform or run on such platforms as Bitcoin and/or Ripple. For instance, think GoldMoney (XAU.V), we literally filed for a patent application just like their platform technology 2 years before they went public!!!! BTW, the application does go in much more detail that I would be more than happy to chat with you more about. I look very forward in hearing your thoughts about the Daric Virtual Currency.

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