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Ratchet srtap tentioner, quick release and attatchment of strap

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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A ratchet strap tensioner and methods of use. The ratchet strap tensioner comprises a first arm 12 pivotally mounted to a second arm 14 by means that include a bush member 38 which allows pivotal movement of the first arm 12 relative to the second arm 14 subject to the restraint of a ratchet mechanism 50, 22. The tensioner also comprising a two-part winding spindle 82, 86 located partly within the bush member 38. The first part 82 of the winding spindle being fixed to said bush member 38 and the second part (86) of said winding spindle being adapted to allow lateral movement (with respect the winding axis) from a closed position (Figure 3) alongside said first part 82 to an open position and thereby allow a strap to be attached without threading the strap through the tensioner and without bending the strap. Preferably, in the open position the second spindle part 86 has been withdrawn through the bush 38 but

Financial information

looking for a licence with royalties or some other form of partnership, have manufacturer waiting to make a start, marketing company ready to go ahead, this product has not been sold previously but has been field tested and found great interest,
the market is massive with huge potential,
the patent is granted in the UK and a further updated patent application has bee applied for so all states/countries could be covered, the latest search reports from the patent office are very favourable and I am told that the second patent is likely to be granted also,

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