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Method for facilitating detecting tracking movement across area

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A method of facilitating monitoring and interdicting of targets crossing through an area comprising first mixing a luminescent pigment and a soil stabilizer, second loading the mixture into a spray dispenser, third dispensing the mixture in a substantially continuous coating covering a swathe of ground, and fourth monitoring said continuous coating covering said swathe of ground for disturbances in the continuity of said swathe. have developed the most innovative and only new technology in mass area and border security. We are the only company offering this method of mass surveillance. consist of applying a non-toxic, weather resistant coating on the ground,which has fluorescent properties and is highly visible at night. with no night vision equipment required. Our earth mineral draws radiation from sun and glows all night. We need no source of energy we use the sun. there is no way to go over around or thru without being detected. The competitive advantage of this solution is that it fills the gap currently missing in existing border securing technology deployments. we can cover more area for 90% less than what is now being spent. Low cost-Low tech Nothing gets by without detection. 321-652-2073 Looking for buyer or investor. Advanced IED detection.. More complete information contact at [Use the button below to contact me].

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