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Strap winder

[Category : - Tools]
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A strap and cord winder is adjustable for different width straps and reconfigurable for cords. The winder includes a handle assembly with a center shaft and an offset pin for engaging and winding a strap. The center shaft adjustably passes through a face plate creating an adjustable width between a handle arm of the handle assembly and the face plate for winding different width straps. A cylindrical grip is attached to the face plate opposite the handle arm and the face plate attaches to a chest plate. A spool may be positioned on the center shaft between the handle arm and face plate for coiling cords and hoses and the offset pin engages a notch on one end of the spool to couple rotation of the handle to rotation of the spool. The spool includes disks at each end including open ended slots reaching radially to capture cord endsL;

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