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Online Sports Prediction - Simpler than Fantasy sports

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All sports fans like to discuss their favorite teams and predict who will win the next game, and by how many points. Just take a look at how Fantasy Football has exploded. Sports Fans also enjoy betting on sporting events, the problem is that betting on games can be very complicated and you need a math degree to calculate odds, spreads, accumulators, etc.

Our patent provides sports fans with a simple online game that enables them to bet on their favorite sporting events, and at the same time provide potential for players to win large cash prizes by simply predicting the winners and losers of games and ranking them from ‘Most Likely’ to ‘Least Likely’ to win each game. It's as simple as that.

How The Ranking and Scoring System Works: Using a Typical NFL week as an example, there are fifteen NFL games each week, and we ask players to predict the winners from each of those games. Nothing more, just predict the winner. Then we ask players to rank those games from 1 to 15 in the order that you believe are most likely to win. If the winning team they ranked number 1 won their game, they would receive 15 points. If the 2nd ranked team won also, they would receive 14 points. If the 3rd ranked team failed to win they would receive zero points for that game, and so on until the last game where they would receive a maximum of one point. At the end of all the games in a bracket, the scores are calculated for each player. The winning player is the one, or ones, with the highest score. As you can see it is important that the winners players selected at the top of your bracket actually win their games, as these are the ones that will generate the most points.

Financial information

Due to financial and legal burden of setting up this type of online game. The owners of this patented online game would be very interested in discussing the options for either licensing, selling, partnering, etc. with other organizations that believe we have a unique game that provides a new avenue for online betting that is simple and attractive to all players, not just the full-time players that now dominate the fantasy sports arena.

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