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Device and method for cushioning the neck of a stringed instrument

[Category : - Music]
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Basically a cushioned guitar neck. Feels great, helps your playing. My patent covers any type of cushioning of any type of stringed instrument with a neck. Great for guitars. If anyone wants to cushion or make a guitar neck padded, they have to go through this patent.
A stringed instrument can be manufactured with a neck that contains a back-side soft surface layer and optionally also a front-side soft surface layer, whereby the soft surface layers can increase comfort and enjoyment, and prevent, reduce or alleviate injury during play of the instrument. Alternatively, a standard stringed instrument can be retrofitted with an installable soft surface component, which can be fitted on top of the surface of the back-side of the neck of the standard stringed instrument. Further disclosed is a method of using a neck mounted soft surface layer with a standard stringed instrument.

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